Sonu, Marathwada – A Live Satta Tournament

MCA – Mango Valley, Sarawak has the most renowned racecourse in Malaysia called the Sarawak Royal Mile. The speedway was built by the legendary Billabong team in 1998. It is a huge par three tracks which can accommodate a maximum of 35 cars each raceday. The huge black asphalt surface and the narrow lanes can be challenging to drive in especially if you don’t know your way around town. Well, here I am going to give you some tips to get you started on this fascinating new adventure.

Getting to the race, get out your car and take a look at the huge shingle sky-touching entrance. You will see a long line of curious and already prepared racecar drivers patiently waiting their turn to enter the track. On the far right side of the track, you will find two huge garages separated by a wooden wall. You have a choice to enter from the left or right garage depending on your comfort level for best shalimar game click here

Getting into the track itself, you will see the green flag waving beautifully. Your first sight is the green tarps placed in the middle of the track. On the right side of the tarps is the black shingle which forms the racing surface. For those of you who do not know what the shingle is, here is a breakdown:

Now that you are all set, drive your vehicle slowly into the center of the shingle which spreads out in different directions. You will notice that the center is filled up with a lot of cars. As you pass one car, another will be coming up behind. This is how live satta king 786 results are calculated.

As your car approaches the end of the shingle, a machine gun will start blasting away at it from the left and right sides. The bullets will be coming from the left and right sides of your car as well as the left and right sides of the asphalt. Since the asphalt is concreted, you won’t see the bullets hitting your car until it’s too late.

The black shingle will start collapsing but this time, there will be no collapsing! The moment the black asphalt crumbles, there will be a big blast. There will be four big blasts followed by ten little ones. When the four big blasts and the ten little ones are done, you will be announced the winner. So here, you have it – for the first time, a live state tournament being organized in the small city of Bahar, Sonu.

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