Goa Restaurants – What Makes Goa a Popular Travel Destination?

Satta Gaziabad is one of the most popular tourist spots in Goa. Satta is a large slum on the outskirts of Panaji and it derives its name from a particular incident that happened there. It is often associated with incidents of communal violence but this was never the case here.

Located next to a busy motor market, satta king Gaziabad looks very innocuous at first glance. The shacks are painted white and the signboard that you will notice is in white too. However, closer inspection shows that this is not your run-of-the-mill food joint. It has a unique ambience where the restaurant serves local dishes and very little of the Western or international fare. This unique atmosphere makes for excellent dining opportunities and most visitors are impressed by the simple yet impressive menu offered at these restaurants.

The Samba Restaurant is located next to Satta and offers excellent cuisine with a variety of interesting Indian and continental influences. You will get to taste Samba all over Goa and therefore, there is no chance that you will be missing out on the local flavor. Another attraction at the restaurant is the Goanese banana which is a must try on a daily basis. The buffet at the Samba contains some of Goanese specialties like masala njawari and pappar. If you are a regular customer at Samba, you will surely be ordering this food repeatedly to suit your taste buds.

Nandu Parai is located just a few steps away from Satta and Nandu Potch can be found here as well. It is one of the best restaurants in Goa and many tourists are known to dine here on a regular basis. It offers excellent local food and they do make use of traditional methods and techniques when preparing the food. In fact, the name of the restaurant actually means “flaming pot” in Hindi.

Taj Exotica is another famous Indian restaurant and is located just a few steps away from Goa gate. They serve only the best quality seafood and the exotic spices that come from countries like Kashmir, Pondicherry, West Indies and more. The buffet at Taj Exotica is filled with fried fish, mussels and clams and the price at just over 25 Rupees is really affordable. You can have a delicious meal and feel relaxed in the surroundings. There are many more restaurants and eateries located near Goa in Goa.

As you can see, there are many restaurants located in Goa and they serve different cuisines and many tourists from all over the world to dine here to satisfy their taste buds and stomachs. Satta king 786 Gaziabad offers a wide array of food and you will not get bored with the food that you try. There are so many options in this city that you will find something that fits your budget as well as taste. There are also many restaurants that offer a range of seafood delicacies to those who are looking for a lighter fare.

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